Wamo Relief & Rehabilitation

A registered NGO in Somalia
and Kenya.

Wamo Relief and Rehabilitation Services

A NON Profit, non partisan organisation IN SOMALIA

WRRS is a non Profit, non- partisan organization based in Somalia. The organization is legally registered and operating in Somalia.


To strengthen the capacity of the local communities in Somalia and Kenya...
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To promote a peaceful society that can facilitate social economic activities
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At WRRS we adheres to a set of principals that govern our daily activitiies
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Key Thematic Areas

WRRS works in the South and Central Regions of Somalia, South west state and Punt land in these key thematic areas.

Our Offices

Head Quarters

our works

Past & Upcoming Events

Listing and Details of Events Past and Current by WPRS in Various Parts of
Somalia conducted in Conjuction with our Financial Partners
Wamo relief & Rehabilitation Services

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