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Wamo Relief & Rehabilitation Services

Organisation Background

The collapse of the Somalia government in 1991 dragged Somalia into a miserable state characterized by chronic insecurity, massive displacement and lack of adequate access to basic human needs such as food, water and shelter.

Amid this horrific state young Somali nationals established Wamo Relief and Rehabilitation Services WRRS in the year 2004 with the aim of contributing to the relief and an end to human suffering in the country.

WRRS is a non Profit, non- partisan organization based in Somalia. The organization is legally registered and operating in the south central Somalia and Punt land. 

Mission & Vision

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Organizational Values

WRRS adheres to the following principals
that govern its work:


we are driven by unwavering commitment to work with vulnerable communities, assisting them to rebuild their lives

Mission oriented

We are always driven and remain focused on our mission

Quality service

We strive to excellence in all areas of behavior and operation.

Obsession with sustainability:

We persistently pursue programs that leave sustainable positive impact on the lives of our target communities

Conflict Sensitivity

We carefully design each project to rule-out any possibilities for un-intended negative consequences


We value life and consider that saving humanity is a noble purpose.